Thursday, November 24, 2011

Various - Where the Palm Trees Shake at Night (2011)

01 - intro - andre tanker - our music
02 - wganda kenya - el evangelio (calypso)
03 - les vikings de la guadeloupe - do do l' enfant do
04 - tabou combo - alle lave
05 - barel coppet - vini vini missie
06 - daniel forestal - les coupeurs de canne
07 - duke - freedom in africa
08 - st. maarten's the rolling tones - it's a feeling
09 - ti celeste - misye dowle a yo la
10 - les vikings guadeloupe - ti tong ti tong
11 - la perfecta - toutt moune boule
12 - les rapaces - mpuli man muni
13 - henri salvador - j'aime tes genoux
14 - les difficiles de petion-ville - tue lamp
15 - dolor et ses etoiles - bourrique la
16 - super combo - cozando y bailando (merengue)
17 - les aiglons - ce rat la
18 - wganda kenya – yoro

This compilation, which I made some time ago, is mainly about the sounds from the islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique and Haiti. The release of „Tumbélé! Biguine, afro & latin sounds from the French Caribbean, 1963-74“ in 2009 on Soundway Records opened up a totally new musical world to me. Before that I basically didn't know about the beautiful and manifold sounds of the French Caribbean. So after listening many times to the mighty „Tumbele“ album - compiled by no one else then Hugo Mendez, I wanted more of these oh so sweet sounds. So I started listening to any album from the Caribbean, from Martinique, Haiti, Guadeloupe I could find. I must have listened to a hundred something albums. Most of the albums and compilations I listened to didn't come anywhere close to the music shared on the „Tumbele“ compilation. But I found a few songs which have the right mixture of sweet grooves, deep funkiness, tropical sunshine and rhythms to make my grandma dance. Listen yourself!

Peace; DubMe


  1. great compilation! good effort of research......i would have love to see this tune in it;

  2. Kristof! Thanks for that youtube link... Nice song! Will put it on the next compilation of "Antillean" favourites I am busy selecting songs for. "Found" a few songs which have amazing beats & grooves... More suggestions are definitely welcome! DubMe

  3. Wanna listen to the Palm Trees at Night?! Here!

  4. Great compilations! Any chance you could re-up this one?