Sunday, April 21, 2013

Beatz & Carrots #13 (March 2013)

                                                                                                                     (picture found on the great SHORPY website)
01 - intro - deadbeats - i'm tellin ya (edit)
02 - iggy & the stooges - i'm a man (leroy schlimm edit)
03 - hot chocolate - blue night
04 - moodymann - untitled
05 - visioneers - runnin'
06 - cut chemist - what's the altitude (feat. hymnal)
07 - willie bobo - bobo! do that thing
08 - jonah jones - jonah's pachanga
09 - gary davis - gee dee (alternative mix)
10 - jupiter tuning center - ramses nubian bump
11 - jahlin pitter - roots reality version
12 - fela kuti - water no get 8-bit enemy
13 - pablo moses - come mek we run
14 - mellow madness - save the youth (original tempo kenny dope extended vocal edit)
15 - james brown - get up (hedspin party edit - b&c extension)
16 - sergio mendes & marcelo d2 - samba da bencao
17 - el perro del mar - walk on by
18 - karen be - coconut water
19 - money mark - insects are all around us

A new Beatz & Carrots compilation. I didn't find a lot of time to keep my blog updated during the last two months. Moving from China to France was a big step. Feels a little like the days of living free & wild in China are over to some degree. A new chapter in life is starting. I am not yet sure where life will be taking me - but I am all optimistic. The following twelve months should be interesting... Life, work, learning, my relationship, friends... I am doing a lot of reading at the moment, while also trying hard to get a grasp of the french language... Nevertheless - I am always playing music - and I will try to keep this blog running - but probably will do less writing accompanying each post in the future (just don't find the time for that at the moment). Just straight & simple share some favourite music mixes/compilations of mine. Although - sometimes I think writing a little review is also one nice way of giving some credit to the original artist - and it's good to read something about the music we love once in a while - because we all play/listen to so much 'non-physical' music these days. Digital music don't have that sexy smell of vinyl. And there is no record cover to hold in our hands, looking at the back of the cover, reading the review, checking the pictures, musicians, producer, label, year... Sometimes it is worth to dig for the original vinyl - or get one of the many great new albums or reissues which come out these days. SHOW SOME LOVE & SUPPORT THE ARTISTS YOU LOVE.

Nineteen new/old songs on this Beatz & Carrots selection. We have got ''Blue Night'' (track #3) by Hot Chocolate - a British band which might be best known for their biggest hit You Sexy Thing. It's interesting to note that ''You Sexy Thing'' originally started life as the B-side of ''Blue night'' - which (at least for me) since its release in 1975 has faded more or less into obscurity. A nice mellow song with a bluesy feel... and that warm bass line. Another song which deserves a special mention is ''Ramses Nubian Bump'' (track #10) by Jupiter Tuning Center, who has a soft spot for ''60s soundtracks, poetry and jazz, boogie, some say rare groove, all things soulful!''. Now mix all these together - and you will get some beautiful songs like the one shared on this compilation or The Gyra Grip (vibin in space). Check out Jupiter Tuning Center's Soft Landing which just got released on Editorial #6: "Jupiter Tuning Center" retouch a jazzy beauty from the past, the "Springs" by "Pete Jolly". The original has a special place in my jazz albums' collection. Thanks for the flight" (via the great Just Love Vinyls blog). Last but not least there is Coconut Water by Karen Be - which I first got introduced to by the great Mixtape Riot blog by Captain Planet. Nice crispy song with some deep underlying bass, gentle use of electronics - rich in sound - and Karen Be's sensual yet fiery voice. This song might have drawn some inspiration from Marvin Gaye's Calypso Blues, Robert Mitchum's Coconut Water of the same name and Calypso Mama's Gin and Coconut Water. If you want to listen to more of Karen Be's unique brand of jungle soul - check her new EP here. Thanks to Atum Management - a London based ''Artist and Sports Management company'' - who is representing Karen Be - for sharing ''Coconut Water'' with all of us. Check some more of Atum Managements tunes on their soundcloud page. 

Coconut wata. 
Good for your dawta.  
Make you strong like lion… 
Coco got a lotta iron. 
Coco coco coco coconut.

So much for today. Enjoy & share the good vibes! DubMe