Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Various - Caribbean Soul (2015)

01 - king stitt - sauvett (dance hall '63)
02 - the mighty sparrow & byron lee - try a little tenderness
03 - esso steel band - killing me softly
04 - lennie hibbert - twilight zone
05 - hopeton lewis - funky kingston
06 - tnt band - musica del alma
07 - the latin blues band feat. luis aviles - lay an oz on me baby
08 - jamaica's groove band - shaft
09 - the comancheros steel orchestra - shaft
10 - jackie mittoo - elenor rigby
11 - byron lee & the dragonaries - east to west
12 - the chosen few - people make the world go round
13 - harold butler - out of bondage
14 - the now generation - it's too late
15 - jimmy london - just my imagination
16 - jo jo bennett - canteloupe rock
17 - inner circle - jah music
18 - tommy mccook - sauvitt (bonus track)

Compilation of mostly mellow & soulful Reggae songs from Jamaica - and a bit of steels drums and Boogaloo thrown in for good measure. I made this compilation after Caribbean Soul, an old mixtape from Lars Vegas (with special guidance by Dagmar ''Dig A Little Deeper'' - who introduced me to a lot of good & new music through her record shop ''Dig A Little Deeper'' - first in Cologne - and later in Berlin). Hopefully this post marks the return to updating this blog more regularly. I'm not making lofty promises, but I would love to be more active on the site! Stay tuned & enjoy this mellow breeze of of Caribbean Soul, Summer & Sunshine!


Saturday, January 3, 2015

Various - The World is Troubled (2014)

01 - intro (tony rebel - one love)
02 - dennis brown - the world is troubled
03 - jeb loy nichols - to be rich is a crime
04 - skit (intro - the upsetter riddim)
05 - manu chao - politik kills (prince fatty remix)
06 - pad anthony - dangerous system
07 - skit (bill hicks - it's just a ride)
08 - lee scratch perry - justice to the people
09 - sharon jones - what if we all stopped paying taxes
10 - max romeo - chase the devil (out of earth)
11 - charles bradley & menahan street band - the world (is going up in fames)
12 - skit (gil scott-heron - who'll pay reparations on my soul)
13 - nina simone - revolution
14 - gil scott-heron - the revolution will not be televised
15 - danny williams - rat race
16 - bob marley & the wailers - top ranking
17 - ras michael & the suns of negus - mr wicked men (7inch)
18 - brother & sister w. b. grate - power is in the heart of man
19 - rhetta hughes - crisis (instrumental)
20 - tackhead - for the love of money
21 - skit (i'm mad as hell)
22 - chocolate snow - inflation
23 - icho candy - blood sucker (ujama 7inch)
24 - skit (chronixx - world under siege)
25 - jeb loy nichols - hard times (new clean & straight)
26 - stupid human - mass madness
27 - outro - earl sixteen - victims


Barry Reid - The System
King Short Shirt - Press On
Death - Politicians In My Eyes (...For The Whole World To See)
Charlie Clemons - The Devil Has Made This Land His Playground (Tom Noble Edit)

Here is a little selection of tunes dealing unapologetically with the mounting pressures of everyday life around the world. ''The world is troubled & living ain’t easy'' for many of our fellow brothers and sisters out there. Politricks, War, Corruption, Lies, Killings, Warmongering, Banksters, Gangsters, Money, Greed. Tribal War Ina Babylon. 2014 had it all. Or as funk/dub/industrial hip-hoppers Tackhead put it on For The Love Of Money (track #20), their first album in twenty three years:

''Welcome to Liberty City... the busier you are the less you see. Two thieves and a liar... they want to privatise the air. For the love of money''.

I wish I could find the right words to do a nice write-up for this mixtape. But I think it might just be better to let the music speak for itself. If you listen carefully to a lot of songs, old and new - so many of them share a message which is now more true than ever. And more needed than ever! Play it loud and spread the message! Let us do something. Let's make 2015 a better year. I love the lyrics on King Short Shirt's Press On, which I added as a bonus track to this mix. Sweet Caribbean Disco Groover with true words of prophecy:

Sometimes, it seems
Ignorance conquers all
Knowledge and wisdom fall

Press on, Press on

Sometimes, It seems
Like peace gone on holiday
And violence come out to play

Press on, Press on

Happy New Year to all the readers & listeners of my blog. I wish you all the best for 2015! PRESS ON, PRESS ON...! DubMe