Monday, November 14, 2011

Various - The Best Dub Album In The World" (a-side Mixtapes - 1998)

01 - prince fari - give love
02 - prince hammer - king selassie in dub
03 - joe gibbs & the professionals - international treaty
04 - bobby kalphat & phil pratt all stars - the war is on
05 - the overnight players - shaka the great
06 - peter chemist - red stripe dub
07 - augustus "gussie" clarke - loving pauper
08 - dub specialist - message from a dub
09 - harry mudie meets king tubby's - roman dub
10 - scientist - third generation scientist
11 - prince jammy - throne of blood
12 - scientist - invaders

...Here I share a real goodie! A long-lost Mixtape which I compiled and recorded from my record collection some 13 years ago. I never made a b-side for this Mixtape - the a-side is so tight, musically and tunewise - so after some unsuccessful attempts of creating a b-side, I just left it like this. Just before I made this mixtape I for the first time saw the album „Introducing Scientist - The best Dub Album In The World (JB Music – 1980) at a friends place. I was a huge Scientist fan back then – and the cover just blew me away – seeing some pictures of Scientist outside the Studio with other musicians. That album is still on my wishlist – Scientist's debut album. And that is also where I got the inspiration for the very modest title of this mixtape.

Whenever I listen to this mixtape again, it gives me deep pleasure and a good meditation - Jamaican Dub at its best - spiritually, riddimwise, mixing, melodies and and and... just like the title of the album says: "The Best Dub Album In The World". After I had lost the tape for many years, I recently sat down, tried to remember all the tunes and get the tracklisting right. And it was easy. Once I got the first song - all the other songs just naturally followed. So here it is - the "The Best Dub Album In The World" ina mp3 style. Enjoy it!