Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beatz & Carrots (October 2011)

                                                                                          (Original Cover Artwork taken from the great album "EL GRAN DUELO" by Akshin Alizadeh)

Here is my first compilation – "Beatz & Carrots“ from October 2011. Check the tracklist:

01 - raphael gualazzi - reality and fantasy (gilles peterson remix)
02 - rude hi-fi - cybercuba
03 - agape ft nadia harris - she really likes it
04 - quantic y su conjunto los mitcos del ritmo - nuthin' but a 'g' thing (dre en cumbia)
05 - turntables dubbers - get lively now (dreadsquad rmx)
06 - charlie winston - in your hands
07 - the breakbeat junkie vs djp - got what it takes (kurtis blow - the breaks)
08 - donny hathaway - the ghetto (suonho reloved)
09 - sam & dave - soul man (dj twister edit)
10 - maylee todd & circle research - hooked
11 - afrobuddha meets kakatsitsi drummers - obame (radio mix)
12 - petrona martinez - aroro (nate mars remix)
13 - quantic - cumbia clash
14 - faraon bantu soundsystem - macaco mata el toro (batata remix ft novalima)
15 - jmmy 'bo' horne - spank (reremaster)
16 - sun sect ft pam - shes hot
17 - red astaire - follow me
18 - slim gaillard - fuck off

There a quite a few upbeat/uptempo songs in this „beatz & carrots“ selection – probably because I have selected them from a more dj/dancefloor orientated angle this time. Most songs either seem to be disco/boogie/edit/soulful grooves/breakbeats or cumbia/latin/world sounds. Two fresh cumbia songs by „Mister“ Quantic my ever favourite dj/producer/musician: „Cumbia Clash“ by Quantic sounds like a dubby Cumbia Mash-Up like probably King Jammy would have mixed it ina de 80ies Digital Reggae Style – KILLER STUFF. Wait for the nasty bass to come in! „Cybercuba“ by Rude Hi-Fi is another beautiful Cumbia gem I only discovered on Soundcloud a week ago. Check out Rude Hi-Fi's Soundcloud page – the man is sharing/producing some serious music! Another Soundcloud find was „Agape ft Nadia Harris - She really likes it“ - let me quote the track description from Soundcloud: „Funk, soul, ska, drum and bass and Brazilian come together in this sultry hot little number to create a mood that is fun and up-tempo.“ Yes! And a voice that sounds like Sister Nancy's little sister! Nate Mars remix of „Petrona Martinez - Aroro“ was another big big monthly favourite. The bass and those powerful voice of Petrona Martinez is just killin' me! Mars places Martinez's vocals in the middle of spacey synths, tropical percussion sounds with a rolling bassline that comes and goes. Interesting information on the side - Petrona Martinez from Colombia didn't really start her music career until 2002 at the age of 63 (she made her money collecting sand for brick making prior to then), but continues to sing and perform now moving into her seventies. Well - I hope you enjoy some of these songs as much as I do... If you do, please leave a comment - its always rewarding to hear what fellow music lovers and addicts say - especially if you live in China - a blank spot on the world-map of music...

PS: Usually when I make these "compilations" of favourite songs - I try to put them in a certain order so there is a certain flow, mixing the songs without actually mixing them (so that you still have the unmixed song to make your own mixes/compilations ;-). This compilation fits perfectly on one CD – just click "NO PAUSE BETWEEN TRACKS" - and the CD will be exactly 79:40 long – so burn it & share some good vibes with friends & family...

Peace; Dubme


  1. very exciting tracklist. I'll probably be adding this to you-know-where if that's ok with you...

  2. El Dorado - sure! Go ahead and share the music...! Like the man Dunkelbunt once told me "Music is like a bird - and must fly from tree to tree". And welcome on this blog - and thanks for your first comment... :-)

  3. you know what would be nice? a cover for the compilation...maybe the logo can do the work?

  4. I'm very dissapointed - no Lady Gaga??
    Do you have NO CULTURE?
    What's wrong? You can't afford a TV - so you have to read those stinky paper things instead?

    A quick link for some valuable education: http://www.popwinners.co.uk/pop-idol/index.htm

  5. Superb selection!! Nice tracks!!

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    1. Any chance on a super re-up?
      If there is anything you look for, please put it in the comment, sure that anybody will help. Great blog this is!

    2. No password needed... I just checked. Let me know if it worked for you. DubMe