Monday, October 31, 2011

Dear friends, blog readers, listeners, leechers, music lovers, fellow addicts...

A simple introduction, a few words and thoughts on this first blog of mine. I have never written any blog before – but during the last few years I have been a follower of a lot of other blogs – mostly music blogs (see „favourite blogs“). Leeching lots of great groovy sexy exciting fresh old new music, hardly ever leaving a comment but always enjoy reading the comments of other visitors, finding links to albums I never have heard nor dreamed about, looking for artists, albums or other recommendations shared within the comments, deepening my musical knowledge by reading the information shared with the music, some information which has been painstakingly researched and accumulated by the writer of that blog – information which otherwise probably wouldn't be available at all – throwing some light on obscure, faraway, long forgotten music. At this point my thanks to all those crazy music lovers & enthusiasts out there!

So now I want to add my own little blog to the thousands of other music blogs out there. Why? Sharing my love & addiction for music, for everything out there that has a little groove, a bit of drum and bass, some riddim, some melody, some soul...?! I am also hoping to get some good comments once in a while, sharing some musical wizdom or even music – teaching me and maybe the other readers of this blog about more great forgotten dusted music or not so dusted music that is out there. And also because I think music ought to be shared. Listening to the same music together with other people is just a different experience. Often so much more powerful, wonderful, enjoyable...

Maybe I still ought to say how I will post, how often, what most post will be like and and and. Most of my blog posts will be about music. Usually I will share a compilation of some self-selected music and write down a bit of information on the music, share some personal thoughts, what I like about the music or certain songs or artists. I will mostly share private or personal compilations of music. There are already thousands of other blogs sharing various albums by different artists, label compilations and and and. And in this digital age there is actually too much music out there ever to be listened to. I am listening to music for hours everyday – but most surely I have only listened to 10% (probably less) of the music I have on my hard drives. And every very day I am basically being drowned in new music. So I enjoy it very much if other blogs, friends, people I know on soulseek share some more personal music, share some personal favourites or homemade compilations. That's were I find so much new interesting music I otherwise might not come across. On a monthly basis I will be trying to share a compilation of music which has been on heavy rotation on my hi-fi system during that last month, some brand new tunes, some music I have only just discovered, but also some songs I have kinda „re-discovered“, songs I haven't been listening to in years and which I suddenly find so fresh and exciting. It will be a colourful, eclectic mix of different styles I call „beatz & carrots“. Beside that I want to share some „themed“ compilations on a weekly basis... a compilation of favourite calypso songs, a compilations of deep jams & slow burners, a compilation of some instrumental favourites from Jamaica's famous Studio One and so many more... And hopefully one day some of the readers of this blog, friends, musicians, djs... might wanna share their own little homemade compilations on this blog. „Each one teach one“ - as the Jamaican saying goes (Reggae is my musical foundation). So now – lets go and share some nice music ;-)


  1. Aye men, me mon!

    Start? Go!

    P.S.: Thanks for adding my blog-page to your list of favourite blogs. I am still just like you are now: a budding, baby-stepping blogger who's in love with music.

    Music or, sounds... are what makes us all tick.

    Dig ma bradah.


  2. I just discovered your blog, deffo want to do something with you!