Thursday, November 10, 2011

~ a month in tunes 22.0 (2011 shai'li) ~

This time fellow music enthusiast and digger shai'li - check out his nice blog Duendiness - shares some recent finds,  digged out treasures and other sweet songs with us:  "A Month In Tunes 22.0 (2011 shai'li)" pt. 1 and pt. 2. I have had the pleasure to enjoy his monthly selections of favourites for the last few years - always looking forward to the beginning of the new month - and another bag of quality music: new and old, rare and not so rare... some good Reggae/Dub... A sweet likkle over-looked soul gem - side by side with some modern day quality hiphop grooves & funkiness - as well as some leftfield disco or soulful edits - and so much more. As always - versatility is the name of the game! This months compilation is full of good songs - October 2011 was a good month. Among the songs that really captured me from the first moment of listening are these goodies: "Us Warren & The Genghis Pea - Hard Headed Woman" - - -  killer drum and bass heavy funk track!!! Don't know from when this track is - I would guess probably from the very late 60ies?! This track has a monster beat courtesy of the drummer hitting the hell out of the snare - very "drum & bassy"! Would go down well with some minimalistic/ambient drum & bass tracks by Roni Size. And the lyrics by Us Warren are also not to be missed - especially when his woman wants to teach him how to drive a car when she doesn't have a license or even knows how to ride a bike:

"You wanna give me driving lessons
Teach me how to drive my car
You ain't never had a driving licence
Can't even ride a bike"

Another highlight are the two edits "Speaking of Happiness + And I love you" by Suonho which are just about to hit your local record stores - here is what the man Suonho has to say about these two tracks: "Two wonderful voices singing about love and happiness... that's what life's all about. isn't? With the meaning of making these rare soul cuts available for those soulful clubbier occasions, i've built a whole new rhythm section, processed with echo-chambers and made a new structure, basically... result is something warm for the cold season, enjoyable in and out the floor. It goes straight to my deepest arsenal." If I Had The Drugs I'd Take Em by Turner Cody is another track that I fell in love with from the moment the first warm grooves came out of my speakers. Then shai'li surprised me with the quality Dub song "Lamb's Bread Herb" by Tommy Mccook & The Aggrovators from the 1977 album "Disco Rockers". Next song. If you have also enjoyed the Jazz song "1960 What?" by Gregory Porter - then the "Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub" which gives this powerful song a kick and bass treatment for some clubbier Jazz Dancing - is definitely something for you. Download the zipped file and find out for yourself! And lets hope there will be another great "month in tunes" selection from shai'li next month...