Thursday, December 1, 2011

Beatz & Carrots #2 (November 2011)

01 - intro - musicians auditioning outside jack ruby's studio
02 - rodney p - live up ft. the people's army & mighty moe
03 - timothy wisdom - check the living dub
04 - guts - brand new revolution
05 - captain planet - fumando
06 - fort knox five - it's your voodoo working (dc's finest remint)
07 - mop mop - ash (curv re-edit)
08 - the emotions - as long as i've got you (demo)
09 - gramatik - break loose
10 - randa and the soul kingdom - the things (album version)
11 - shocking blue - beggin
12 - maxey & fred spider - batuque
13 - kormac - rainstorm
14 - guts - come closer
15 - tape five - tequila (gardener of delight extended mix)
16 - rick ross - hustlin (prince of ballard remix)
17 - mop mop - mr. know it all (solo moderna mr mention mix)
18 - the royal jazz trio - grand battement walks

It's the beginning of a new month – that means it is time for another „beatz & carrots“ selection of my monthly favourites & songs on heavy rotation. I hope you all enjoyed last months selection – because I did :) This month was a good month. A lot of great tunes kept coming my way – I could easily compile another „beatz & carrots“ selection – all killers – no fillers! Maybe you can convince me to share a „beatz & carrots“ Christmas Special?! Anyway - here is the new selection – full of good grooves, funky breaks, dubby dancehall, global uptempo sounds. Some tracks worth mentioning... A pleasant surprise was finding the Shocking Blue version of „Beggin'“. Never heard that one before – but what a monster track that is! Rick Ross - „Hustlin' (Prince of Ballard Remix)“ is another nice track with a bouncing Latin feeling. Check out Prince of Ballard and his nice blog Armed Snobbery. Prince of Ballard did a brilliant mix for Le Mellotron a while ago – well worth checking! Another great song which I finally found a decent rip of is The Emotions 1972 song „As long as I've got You (Demo)“ which strangely never saw a release by Stax Records – and only got released in 2004 on the album „Songs of Innocence & Experience“ in the UK. Many of you might recognize that opening piano melody - which also was also used for Wu-Tang Clan's big 1993 hit "C.R.E.A.M.". Actually the original of both these two songs is the Charmels „As long as I've got you“ - which was released in 1967. I personally prefer the Emotions version of this song over the original by the Charmels: „The Emotions seems to perfectly grasp what made The Charmels' recording so special, and its members amp up those qualities: the heft of the rhythm section, the delicacy of the vocals. They turn what was originally a vaguely melancholy torch song into a more powerful, driving affirmation of love and passion“ (Oliver Wang). I am ending this months „beatz & carrots“ selection with „Grand Battement Walks“ by The Royal Jazz Trio – a kickin' Jazz song I can't find any info on. I found it on Masterpiece Created by Gilles Peterson. Well - this song indeed is a true masterpiece! Ok - checkout the tracklist, hit the download button, play it loud, enjoy, dance, make some crazy moves...

Peace; DubMe