Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Birthday! (Beatz & Carrots Anniversary Special #1)

01 - intro - bappi lahiri - let's dance for the great guy bruce lee
02 - elias rahbani - dance of maria
03 - gnonnas pedro - yiri yiri boum
04 - bunny rugs - be thankful
05 - quantic presenta flowering inferno - no soy del valle
06 - cut chemist - povo de santo (instrumental)
07 - cut chemist - povo de santo
08 - grupo saya - canita canaveral
09 - samuel belay - aynotchesh yerefu
10 - thomas chauke - xipereta
11 - skit - jah wobble - cherry blossom of our youth
12 - la ola criminal – sin gas5. maga bo – analys d’amour (inst.)
13 - shantisan - meu filho (carioca funk)
14 - pepepe - el desastre (original de los macuanos)
15 - victor uwaifo - ohue (frankie francis and simbad edit)
16 - jay dee - rico suave bossa nova
17 - willy berking - lillie und luise (vocal - rudi schuricke - 1940)
18 - joe gibbs - he prayed version
19 - seu jorge & almaz - the model (joey altruda remix)
20 - la banda africana - te clavo ma mano
21 - eddie hooper - pass it on
22 - rubens bassini y los latinos - son cubano amparo

Beatz & Carrots is one year old! One year ago on the 31st of October I wrote my first post. And just a day later I posted the first Beatz & Carrots #1 (October 2011) compilation. 12 months later - and there is still a lot of music I want to share and discover with everyone following this blog. There are many reasons why I started this blog - the main reason above all is probably my love for music - and wanting to share the joys of good music with more people. Also, living in China (which is a bit of a blank spot on the World map of music), where it is difficult to find like-minded people who go crazy for a good song, who dig the funky grooves of James Brown, feel the soul in an old Studio One Motown cover, swing & jump to some fresh Cumbia by Mister Quantic, laugh about some weird late 70ies No Wave video, chill to a rare Disco Boogie edit - and wonder what the next Resense 7inch is going to sound like - this blog provides a way for me to stay in touch with other music lovers, exchange ideas, gain new inspiration... I am quite happy how the blog is going. I shared some nice compilations, I am updating the blog more or less regularly, I do get some feedback for the music I share. Of course - more comments would always be nice. They for sure make my day ;-)

So, I thought I use the Beatz & Carrots One Year Anniversary as an excuse to share some of the older Beatz & Carrots compilations I did before I started this blog. Altogether four Beatz & Carrots ''Anniversary Specials'' which I will be posting over the following days. Enjoy & leave some feedback if there is any music your particularly enjoy!



  1. Merry Xmas!!! ooops...

    I hope you stay around for at least another 99 years of excellent music!!

    Happy Birthday!!

  2. happy birthday mr. living in china

  3. Lawng dayes of the bestest.

    'Ave a great one, brah.


  4. respect pulled out a hell (heaven really) of a compilation...on heavy rotation..i got my children playing the shakers and the simplest keyboard phrases.the whole family is involved.....good work and nice early xmas present Fiete.x

  5. Happy birthday mate, keep on keepin' on!

  6. ...thanks for all those comments, greetings & wishes! Music to my ears ;-)

  7. Truly a unique and awesome experience here at B&C !!! many more !

  8. Any chance to ear it again ... ?