Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Beatz & Carrots #11 (August 2012)

01 - intro - the originals - the whip
02 - souleance - chemise
03 - soul shakers - you ain't my brother
04 - ben e king - stand by me (suonho soul beat edit)
05 - amp fiddler - hope
06 - rokk - patience
07 - featurecast ft greg blackman - get lovely
08 - les edits du golem - we have it made
09 - johnny cash - i walk the line (alkalino rework)
10 - liam bailey - please love me
11 - mungo's hi fi - don't let them horns riddim
12 - dj nu-mark - our generation (re-edit)
13 - mulatu - yegelle tezeta (nicolas jaar edit)
14 - uproot andy & chief boima - sina makossa remix
15 - fabulous arabia - give me love tonight
16 - dj nu-mark - troplicalifornia (main)
17 - gramatik vs. the beatles - don't let me down 2012
18 - john lennon - imagine (nicoluminous remix)
19 - percy mayfield - hit the road jack
20 - talking heads - sugar on my tongue

Brand new Beatz & Carrots Selection. No genres - just music - starting with a nice intro taken from the '50ies raunchy & rockin' instrumental The Whip by The Originals. This video might be the more entertaining version TO WATCH. Track #3 brings us some heavy bouncing funk, catchy lyrics - and above all some irresistible horns: You Ain't My Brother by The Soul Shakers. Recorded in the late 60s, the original 45 rpm single on the 'Amark' label is much sought after - and rare as a hens tooth. But those who want it on crispy vinyl are lucky - it got re-released on Tramp Records a while ago on limited 7inch vinyl. Beside that it can also be found on the first Movements compilation by Tobias Kirmayer. Also check out the heavy hitting old school edit 'To The Beats Yall' by DJ Rudd on Beatz & Carrots #5. Track #5 is an old favourite of mine which I first heard on a Quantic live mix years ago. Took me like 3-4 years to finally identify this song: 'Hope' by Amp Fiddler is a hypnotic funky house shuffle with some added bass bounce. Sexy & very danceable! The next song - track #6 Patience by Rokk is a super rare modern soul gem from 1976 - and it is pure sunshine bliss. No wonder - as it was taken from the great California Soul compilation full of smooth west coast grooves from the sunshine state California. Let me quote from the liner notes of 'California Soul': "Patience" was recorded in 1976 as the lead single to an album by Rokk. The album was never finished because producer Calvin Carter became too ill. A handful of promotional copies of “Patience” were distributed but the song has otherwise never seen the light of day. Label owner Betty Chiappetta had high hopes for Rokk and looked to re-launch her Tollie label with the band’s success. Unfortunately when Carter fell ill the band disappeared and the almost-completed Rokk album is still in Chiappetta’s possession." - - - Would love to listen to that album! Track #8 is a subtle but yet hypnotic edit by Les Edits Du Golem of the 50ies Doo Wop or Teener song We Have It Made by Pete Votrian. Finding track #8 on soundcloud a while ago was a pleasant surprise: Brilliant Alkalino Rework of ''I Walk The Line'' by Johnny Cash. Smooth, deep & elegant! Absolutely diggin' this one! Track #10 - Liam Bailey - Please Love Me is another sweet, smooth & soulful favourite which has been on heavy heavy rotation at my place. Absolutely addictive. Recorded nearly two years ago, this is another song (also check out When Will They Learn) that perfectly showcases Liam's sublime singing, songwriting, and musicianship. '''Please Love Me' is an uptempo song that sounds like the musical lovechild of Curtis Mayfield and Waylon Jennings. A soul track with a country twist, Please Love Me has Liam in a falsetto while tough drums and lush strings dance around his vocals and a country guitar line gives the song an unrelenting bounce.'' (Info courtesy of Truth & Soul Records). Find the 7inch & Digital Download here. Track #12 - DJ Nu-Mark - Our Generation (Re-Edit) is a real crate-diggers rejoice which was available as a free download. It is a re-edit of the original Ernie Hines classic ''Our Generation'' (probably most commonly known as the sample Pete Rock & Cl Smooth use on Straighten It Out). This is what DJ Nu-Mark himself says about this great re-edit: ''I chose 'Our Generation' because the vocal content in this 1972 classic still pertains to what’s happening in the world today. The topic of unwarranted wars and violence still plague our society.'' True dat! Track #13 is a bootleged, unreleased Nicolas Jaar edit of Mulatu's Yekermo Sew, wrongly titled ''Yegelle Tezeta (Nicolas Jaar Edit)". Perfect fusion between the magic multi-layered sounds of Ethiopian legend Mulatu Astatke and Jaar’s magical touch… Close your eyes & let yourself be taken away! Track #15 is an 'old favourite' which has already been on heavy rotation for a few months - after I first got introduced to it by the Prince of Ballard on his Armed Snobbery blog July this year: Fabulous Arabia - Give Me Love Tonight from the album Unlimited Buffet. What can I say? Perfect song. Always making me smile. This is probably my favourite song from their long player Unlimited Buffet - but the rest of the album is equally great - containing ''flawless harmonies, interjections of brass and smatterings of searing guitar, all underpinned by an elastic and funky rhythm section. It's a buzz-funk extravaganza with playful vocals. Think of a wild unique mixture of Shuggie Otis meets the Beatles with a New Zealand twist. And the band is a true NZ allstar band featuring Toby Laing and Joe Lindsay of Fat Freddy’s Drop, Lucien Johnson of The Black Seeds and Julien Dyne (BBE) on drums.'' There is some magic brewing in New Zealand! Check this video for an electrifying look behind the scenes as Fabulous/Arabia 'warms themselves up' for their debut festival performance. Track #16 is another DJ Nu-Mark freebie: Troplicalifornia featuring Mister Quantic - and taken from DJ Nu-Mark's upcoming release Broken Sunlight Series 4. Just watch that video & save me the time describing this upbeat sunshine trip. Happy! Track #18 is a pretty style Dubstep remix by Nicoluminous of John Lennon's classic song "Imagine". Really feeling this remix: strings, piano, beat & John Lennon's timeless lyrics & singing. Track #19 is the first version of ''Hit The Road Jack'' written & recorded by rhythm and bluesman Percy Mayfield in 1960 as an acapella version - before it got picked up by Ray Charles and became the classic we all know. Ray Charles version, which has a strong beat, is a brief but rather comic duet between a fed-up woman and her good-for-nothing man. He tries to wheedle her into letting him stay, but she will have none of it, "'cause it's understood: you ain't got no money, you just ain't no good." I am finishing this compilation with Sugar On My Tongue by the Talking Heads, which Kristof just shared in time on his blog Duendiness. Perfect! Thanks! This song originally should have been on the Talking Heads debut album Talking Heads -77, but only got released many many years later. I got addicted to this song the first time I heard it: tight, punchy, funny, sweet and weird. Maybe that's why the song didn't get released the first time? And because of the lyrics? Sugar standing for LSD?! I assume its not necessarily about popping-around for a spoonful of... ? Anyway - enjoy this fresh Beatz & Carrots selection with or without sugar!


This compilation fits perfectly on one CD - just click "NO PAUSE BETWEEN TRACKS" when you are going to burn it - and the CD will be exactly 79:30 minutes long.


  1. Yo Fiete, how are you doing fella? thanks for your support, credits and comments...this is all very appreciated and very welcome indeed...

    I have been trying to dl your last effort but the whole thing seems to me a little dodgy isn't it..phone number, money etc etc..is there any simpler way to get this compilation of yours? any help would be gratefully welcomed...and this help could inspire me to send you my most recent monthly too*.

    a bientot.


    1. Hi Kristof, here is a different DL. Let me know if it works. Depo*sit*files should actually be working. No phone number, money, credit card required... But I agree, sometimes you have to manoeuvre through a minefield until you finally find the DL link hidden in some small corner.

      Anybody else having similar problems? Please let me know...

      As I wrote in an earlier post - any recommendations which service to use? Where the files are not going to be deleted after only three months? And - my files are usually bigger than 200 MB - so I thought of paying for "mediafire personal" - but there seem to be some problems with that as well (as some other bloggers mentioned - and I am not really willing to pay 25 Dollars a month for mediafire professional. And they could still take your files down any time...)

      That's why I tried depo*sit*files this time... any other suggestions are more then welcome! I rather share fresh stuff then spend my time updating dead links... ;-)

      DubMe ( dub_me@yahoo.de )

  2. another great compilation, my friend.
    love to listen to it while reading your fine descriptions...

  3. "El Dorado"! Thanks for your comment & feedback. Good to know that people are reading my descriptions. I was wondering before if I should write that much - or rather just post the tracklist and the DL...

    I am pretty sure you are going to enjoy the next "themed" compilation, which has been in the making for ages. Just need to finish writing some words accompanying the compilation...

    Cheers; DubMe

  4. way way smoother Fiete, wished , ordered and delivered...just the way it should ..now i haven't listened to your compilation yet but i trust your style and your devotion in digging the crate that we will all cherish for days.thank you for taking the time and making the effort to display the awesomeness in music out there.big fan!

  5. Love the compilation, great work ,keep it up especially the Liam Bailey tracks, would love to hear his other song" I'm gonna miss you" on an upcoming compilation

    1. Hi, Thanks for your comment! Yeah... I can never get enough of those Liam Bailey songs. Eagerly waiting for his first long player to be released. That would be a proper Christmas present ;-)

      "I'm gonna miss you" is beautiful... Wish I had that song...
      Cheers; DubMe