Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Various - More Palmwine Grooves & Disco (2012)

CD 1

01 - modern sound corporation - safari
02 - jo tongo - piani
03 - kabbala - ashewo ara (pat les stache re-edit)
04 - bunny mack - disco africa (dub)
05 - grupo arambere - iaia
06 - malinga 5 - marie-thereze
07 - bunny mack - discolypso
08 - time unlimited - back fire (natural vibes intl.)
09 - tumblack - caraiba
10 - ray munnings - funky nassau
11 - lord rhaburn combo - disco connection
12 - eko - manyaka
13 - black soul - black soul music (pat les stache re-edit)
14 - sofrito - music is the word

CD 2

01 - intro - bappi lahiri - let's dance for the great guy bruce lee
02 - bunny mack - let me love you (mr.b's reedit)
03 - eddy grant - california style (12'' extended version)
04 - turnblack - caraiba (club version)
05 - dennis brown - get high on your love
06 - wganda kenya - shakalaode
07 - cerrone - cycle's woman
08 - malinga 5 - malinga
09 - benis cletin - money make man mad (sofrito disco dub)
10 - skit - you make me feel so good (mikey dread action)
11 - charanga 76 - no nos pararan
12 - kalyan - disco reggae
13 - bunny mack - supafrico
14 - sorry bamba - kasanga
15 - black blood - a.i.e (amwana)

One of the first selections of music I shared here on the blog was Various - Palmwine Grooves & Disco (2011) - now here is a follow up - which I hope you enjoy as much as I do. Another selection of tropikal grooves and disco: Bunny Mack from Sierra Leone sharing „Discolypso“ (track #7) with the world - mixing Caribbean disco flavours with African grooves - and thus bringing to us sun and happiness in a disco style, Eddie Grant's wonderful & hypnotic Caribbean club track „California Style“ (track #3), a Latin disco version of „Ain't No Stopping Us“ (track #11), Dennis Brown, the crown prince of Reggae, having his first international record deal with A&M Records in 1981 - and delivering us some heavy discofied Reggae with „Get High On Your Love“ (track #5). Want more?! What about some massive dancefloor action from Brazil: „Gupo Arambere - Iaia“ - hypnotic, whirling & lots of percussion (track #5). "Manyaka" from Eko (track #12) - good good good Afro-Disco from Cameroon. Disco & violins! There is something funky about violins! Or „Modern Sound Corporation - Safari“ (track #1) - an Afro Disco tune with lots of Caribbean flavors from Sweden! And let's not forget that even the „great guy Bruce Lee“ (track #1) is joining the Party. - - - Download links are „hidden“ in the comments. Comments?! What about leaving some? What about sharing some of your favourite discofied tropikal grooves to make the next compilation even better? For the time being - hit the download button. And don't forget to play it load! Coz you wanna hear & feel that disco bass...


PS: While compiling Various - Palmwine Grooves & Disco a few month ago and trying to find information on the web about all the different artists and songs – I came across the great music blog A Monsieurwilly World  - which introduced me to so many more great disco-influenced grooves & joys from around the world! Big big big blog out there! Monsieur Willy – if you should be reading this - my deepest gratitude to you! Great music you share - and bring forward more of those tropikal disco-tingled sounds! I love them!


  1. "More Palmwine Grooves & Disco (2012)" for you! Here and here.

  2. ah, tingeling with anticipation!
    nice cover, too. THX :)

  3. thank u man for your good taste

  4. Amacord & Luis - appreciate your feedback. Thanks. Hopefully there will soon be a 3rd installment of Palmwine Grooves & Disco. Just found this amazing edit of "modern sound corporation - safari"...

  5. great tunes!! - have you heard the mighty 'body and soul' by William Onyeabour?

    1. I have been listening to a bunch of William Onyeabour albums a while ago - but somehow I have missed on "body and soul"... Woah! The longer I play the youtube video, the more this song grows on me... KILLER!! Thanks ;-) I will soon be sharing some more music here - got another beautiful selection of "Palmwine Grooves & Disco" lined up... this time leading us to some soulful Jamaican grooves and disco... Cheers!

    2. you might also want to check out 'night of the black mamba' by ozo ;)

  6. Totally bad ass comp !! Thank you !

  7. Dj Colourzone - thanks for your comment. Been following your blog djcolourzone.blogspot.com for some time now. Always good music you share...

    Currently putting together some more favourites for a third volume of "Palmwine Grooves & Disco"... If you have some suggestions - they would be more than welcome ;-)

    artoo - ozo's 'night of the black mamba' is quite a song! now I want more songs from your secret vaults... :)


  8. Hi Dubme. Just found your site looking for Kalyan's Disco Reggae. Please can you re-up part 2 of your compilation?
    Thank you.

    1. ...both links above should still be working. Just checked. Let me know if it works for you now.
      Cheers; DubMe

  9. Fantastic DubMe. Just downloading now.
    Thank you. Regards, Tulp.

  10. cd 2 not downladable , pls post it again

    1. Hi... I just checked. Both DL's should be working. If not - send me a mail: beatzandcarrots@yahoo.com

  11. Both DLs are indeed working, but only if you download one at a time is my guess! Thanks Dub Me for all the great music...