Friday, April 6, 2012

Various - Cumbia Slow - Cumbia Rebajada (diggin' the cumbia - 2010)

01 - rebajada intro
02 - karol y su amor gitano - el llanto de la tortuga
03 - cumbias rebajadas - cumbia de los estados
04 - cumbias instrumentales - cumbia sobre el llano (more pressure)
05 - afrodita - la modelito (the model cover)
06 - babylon motorhome - como cumbia (buenas tardes hip hop)
07 - nelson enriquez - mentirosa (guacharaca)
08 - zurita - piedras para brisas
09 - unknown - track 09
10 - unknown - rebajadas monterrey marquillos colombia
11 - karol y su amor gitano - el maldito acordeon
12 - lizandro meza - martha la reyna (reb)
13 - lito barrientos y su orquesta - cumbia en do menor (norman cook rebajada refix)
14 - unknown - cumbia sampuesana (reb)
15 - skit - los destellos - a patricia
16 - unknown - atlantico
17 - andres landeros - cumbia campesina (reb)
18 - toto la momposina y sus tambores - chambacu
19 - unknown - chambacu (reb)
20 - choppaholix - track 08
21 - alex pasternak - pajariton

Cumbia Rebajada - A weird, yet wonderful sound.

Though I probably have been listening to Cumbia Rebajada songs earlier - my first real introduction to Cumbia Rebajada was through a mix & post on Dr. Aurathef's great „siebethissen“ blog (which unfortunately disappeared from the web). Cumbia Rebajada - or pitched down „remixes“ of Cumbia songs - is a subgenre of cumbia, a phenomenon that was most likely born in Monterrey/Mexico: „Story tells early low-key/ghetto cumbia gigs in Mexico would use really shitty/dysfunctional turntables, not only slowing down but also fluctuating. This launched a genre somehow and kids in Mexico are just all about rebajadas” (Dr. Aurathef) - another version of this story tells that boomboxes at Monterrey block parties would slowly run out of batteries - leaving people to bailar to sloooooooowed down Cumbia songs - an effect which was very much enjoyed and then replicated by slowing the pitch down on purpose in order to create a psychedelic effect. Which apparently may have also duplicated other psychedelic effects the listeners were experiencing likewise. Cumbia Rebajada is really intense stuff - in some way it's been pre-dating „Cumbia Dub“ - another of Cumbias many flowering sub-genres. I really like the dramatic, intense, dark, lo-fi atmosphere & aesthetics of many Rebajadas - the „swollen“ sound of the accordion and the guacharaca. The “hot potato” effect on the singing - sometimes to such an extend that the lyrics are barely recognizable, becoming a new & different language. A song perfectly matching this description would be track #10 „Unknown - Rebajadas Monterrey Marquillos Colombia“. Deep deep deep stuff for ya listening pleasure! Now hit the download & burn this one on CD, put it into your stereo and enjoy an long & deep 80 minute Rebajada Cumbia ride. Just some of many favourites! Not all tunes are "strictly" Rebajada, but all tunes are kinda reflecting the slow and psychedelic side of Cumbia! DubMe

PS: This compilation fits perfectly on one CD - just click "NO PAUSE BETWEEN TRACKS" when you are going to burn it - and the CD will be exactly 79:59 long...


  1. Love your collections! Thanks for all the hard work :) New to the site, so I missed out on all the dead links :( Especially interested in the Christmas stuff (also MIT 22-23) if you ever get the chance to re-up these. Cheers

  2. hi, thanks for your comment. Fresh DL's for both Christmas compilations are hidden in the comments... Will try to re-up MIT 22-23 during the next few days as well...

  3. thanks for this collections
    puro rebajada electro

  4. track 14 by Joaquin Betín... Thanx uploader !!!

    1. thanks for your comment & helping me identify yet another song :)