Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Beatz & Carrots #6 (March 2012)

01 - joubert singers - stand on the word (hot coins remix)
02 - sly & robbie - burru saturday
03 - ali hussan kuban - hanwil tanza (izzywise remix)
04 - johnny clarke - none shall escape the judgement (orig. egyptian reggae riddim!!!)
05 - king tubby & the aggrovators - a social version
06 - ely camargo - taieiras
07 - buena vista social club - chan chan (dj yamin remix)
08 - quintette guinenne - douga
09 - watusi - oio gere (alkalino rework)
10 - captain planet - samba radiante 2011 (chris read remix)
11 - eddy grant & the coach house rhythm section - timewarp
12 - banderas ft bouloukou - mogomake (lack of afro remix)
13 - the temptations - papa was a rolling stone (b.cause jamming dub edit)
14 - ray vs. beatsy collins - i got a woman
15 - razika - why have we to wait
16 - the pussycats - why have we to wait
17 - booker t & the mg's - hip hug-her (danny massure mastered)
18 - haruomi hosono, suzuki shigeru, tatsuro yamashita - passion flower
19 - jimmy cliff - sitting in limboton (dj theory remix)
20 - tall black guy - what's good (james brown - i feel good flip up)
21 - yusef lateef – passacaglia

This Beatz & Carrots #6 compilation should have been posted here like two weeks ago – a nice & fresh selection of musical favourites from the month of March - songs which I have listened to a lot, some brand new – some old and dusted – but nevertheless fresh and exciting. As usual - a colourful, eclectic mix of different styles... We start with a nice wonky dubbed out Hot Coins remix of the gospel disco classic „Stand On The Word“ by the Joubert Singers – probably one of the best and biggest Disco gospel songs ever made. According to Soul Sides and discogs.com: "Stand On The Word" was first ever recorded live in the First Baptist Church in Crown Heights, NYC, in 1982. Soon after the church pressed up a couple of hundred copies for the congregation," upon which, it was discovered by local DJs at places like Garage, The Loft, etc. and ended up getting a promo-release on Next Plateau (on both 12" and 7"). There's some disagreement over who actually remixed the song - there's a bootleg 12" you can find that credits Larry Levan but the actual record nods to Tony Humphries so go figure. Either way, it's just great.“ Track #2 „Burru Saturday“ - is a beautiful dub song - having one foot in the past, and one in the present - from Sly and Robbie's latest production Blackwood Dub. Track #3 is a izziwise remix of „Hanwil Tanza“ by the great Nubian singer and bandleader Ali Hassam Kuban. Love this remix! Beautiful raw, powerful, funky, fresh... And those vocals. Perfect combination!!! Check out his website for more. Track #7 was another soundcloud find: Buena Vista Social Club's song "Chan Chan" covered by The Mattanoll Brass Band Review and remixed with a bit more of that hard hitting Hip-Hop feel by DJ Yamin. Love the original, but this review and remix is definitely adding its own class to the original without dominating it - both songs forming a close union... And then comes track #08 – which must be one of the most beautiful, sweet, haunting songs I have listened to in a while - a kind of joyful ballad by the Quintette Guinenne – merging older African roots and modern jazz music. Its addictive!!! Track #9 is another joyful song which I think is from Brazil: Watusi - OioGere (Alkalino Rework). Musical Sunshine! Track #11 is „Timewarp“ by Eddy Grant's backing band „The Coach House Rhythm Section“. It's hard to compute this disco not disco monster came out in 1977 (the same year as Kraftwerk's „Trans Europe Express“). The vocal version of this song is called „Nobody's got time“ and you just need to listen to where he takes the instrumental to understand why it was labeled 'Timewarp'. Heavy Heavy Heavy Stuff! Eddy Grant – for having released so many classic tracks – he definitely deserves to get more credit! Huge artist! Track #13 - The Temptations - Papa Was ARolling Stone (b.cause jamming dub edit) gives us a well deserved break. Deep & beautiful Song! What a great idea it is to mash up the Temptations classic with Bob Marley's Jamming! Track #18 takes us to some exotic Pacific Island via Japan: „Haruomi Hosono, Suzuki Shigeru, Tatsuro Yamashita - Passion Flower“. I found this little disco gem on yer darling daily - which must be one of my favourite blogs out there – sharing such a variety of exiting & eclectic music. This is what he had to say about this song: „Aw yeah. Three incomparable instrumentalists, one sparkling disco rhinestone. You might call this elevator music. But it’s the kind you’d hear as you breeze out of the elevator at your Hanalei Bay resort, hiding behind your Ray-Bans, and someone hands you a coconut with a straw in it. Oh yes.“ - couldn't have said it better! If you want to get into more good Japanese music – try „JAPS ONRY 4: WAKARIMASEN“ at Ying Yangs. Track #19 – and we are slowly coming to the end of this months Beatz & Carrots selection – is DJ Theory having some fun with Jimmy Cliff's summertime classic „Sitting in Limbo“. And not only he is having fun and feeling much better! A1 remix!!! Everybody „Feeling Good“ now?! Then we can listen to track #20: What's Good (James Brown – I Feel Good Flip Up), a dope dope dope instrumental by the independent hip hop producer Tall Black Guy from Detroit, Michigan. That's it! Hit the download button and leave a comment if you enjoy the music... DubMe

PS: If you want to know more about the record which I used for the cover of this months Beatz & Carrots compilation – have a look at Beatz & Carrots #4.

And! This compilation fits perfectly on one CD - just click "NO PAUSE BETWEEN TRACKS" when you are going to burn it - and the CD will be exactly 79:43 long...


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    4. Check DubMe's first comment. The "highlighted" DL is still working (sometimes it seems like you have to try a few times in your browser to open m.edi.a#fire links, if they don't open: me.dia#fire probably telling you that xxx track is available on ama.zo,n)...

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    1. Hi, sorry for my late reply. Been away on a long holiday. I just checked the DL - it is still working. (Sometimes the me*dia*fire link won't open - me**diafir*e telling you that xxx track is available on a*ma*zon. Just try to open that m#ed,ia.fire link in your browser a few times. Usually works that way for me)... Please let me know if it works. Cheers; DubMe

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