Thursday, February 23, 2012

~ a month in tunes 25.0 (2012 shai'li) ~

ambassadeurs - m.o.p.e
anthony hamilton - oh lord (the apple scruffs edit)
betty green - he's down on me
butch clancy - russian lullaby
citizens! - true romance
cunninLynguists - lynguistics
deloris ealy - deloris is back with jerome and his band
devendra banhart - shabop shalom
django django - default
electric guest - american dream
emiliana torrini - jungle drums
frankie lymon - itty bitty pretty one (prince of ballard edit)
freqnik & wdre - beatnuts off the books vs j rawls
hansi edit - hot pants road
hansi edit - humdinger
joder - palov ft ang.angelides (instr)
little sonny - the creeper returns
paul whire - doldrums
perrion - fire ant
phyllis dllon - perfidia
ralph mcdonald - the path
sir victor uwaifo - iye iye oh
the debonaires - in the rain (remix)
the decoders - hey there lonely boy ft coco owino
the montclairs - hung up on your loveeeeeee
twit one - do bem
twit one - tereza
wankelmut - one day

Here finally is another ~ a month in tunes 25.0 (2012 shai'li) ~ selection by my friend and fellow music/photo/picture/love/fun/art/life blogger Duendiness, who also shared the nice picture I used for this post. After I got back from my six week long holiday in Thailand and Malaysia – I was looking forward to Shai'li's latest musical discoveries – especially after he mentioned that he found a musical goldmine! And woah! quite some mighty tunes and other surprises in here. Let me share a few with you - the ones that hit me straight – love on first listening – yeah!: „In the Rain (remix)“ by The Debonaires, an old Harry Mudie production I have never heard off! It was originally released on a Tobin 7inch someday in the 1970ies. Who made the remix? Not much info available – but this song is a real gem – that just comes – keeps floating along – and then goes... Harry Mudie is one of my most favorite Jamaican producers (among the many other great producers!). His riddim tracks, often recorded at Studio One, are always heavy and strong - but at the same time also very melodic and well crafted. He is also responsible for some classic and often versioned Jamaican Riddims. Besides that he worked with some of the best Jamaican vocalists like John Holt, Dennis Walks, the Heptones, Ebony Sisters, The Eternals, Lloyd Jones and the late great Slim Smith - a sure win combination! After I listened to this song for the first time – I thought it sounded somewhat familiar – and yes! Its a cover of The Dramatics In The Rain from 1971 which some of you readers might also know. Another sweet surprise was the song „The Path“ by Ralph McDonald, which I think Beatconductor used for his song/edit/remix „Caribbean Path“. Its always nice when things begin to connect musically – and everything makes meaning on a deeper level. Next are two great edits/reworks by MPM producer Twit One. The first one „Do Bem“ is an edit of O Caminho do Bem from Tim Maia, an Brazilian artist worth checking out for his many great great songs – probably my biggest favorite is his often (!?) sampled 15+ minute long spiritual anthem Rational Culture from the album „Racional' Seroma“ (1974). „Tereza“ - the second tune by Twit One is an edit of another Brazilean Song: „Tereza Guerreira” from Antonio Carlos & Jocafi. Good sexy Latin music to play on your Sunday afternoon Bar-B-Q. Also check out Twit One's mixtape Discoe Cultura on soundcloud or his beatcamp site for more songs. Another favorite is „Shabop Shalom“ by Devendra Banhart. After I played this song twice today, my girlfriend kept humming it all the time – so this one is definitely a song for the ladies :) Should take my time to make a „Lady Mixtape“ sometime – which one of my favorite musical Bloggers out there - „The Prince of Ballard“ - did I while ago. Check out his „Lady Mix“ here. The intro of the song „Shabop Shalom“ reminds me a bit of Donavan's intro to his song Atlantisa song my father had on one of the many mixtapes he played at home when I was still a little boy. The rest of the song „Shabop Shalom“ is equally great – sweeter than Elvis, Doo Wop(er) than Doo Wop... Did I just mentioned the „Prince“ somewhere? Well, I was lucky to find one of my most favorite songs of the last few months available for a free download on his soundcloud page a while ago – and if that isn't enough – Shai'li shares it again with us! I am talking about the Prince of Ballard edit of „Frankie Lymon - Itty Bitty Pretty One. This edit has been driving me crazy. Sooo sweet, sooo deep, sooo good... Not only my girlfriend was humming it for hours every time I played it. I didn't know that an edit can add such depth to a song! Hopefully there will be many more edits from the Prince of Ballard in 2012! Its seems to be impossible to post anything on my blog without mentioning the mighty Soundway label. This time it's the sweet song „Iye Iye Oh“ from the legendary Nigerian Guitar giant Sir Victor Uwaifo, which was released in 2008 on Soundways Sir Victor Uwaifo: Guitar Boy Superstar1970-76 album. Pure niceness – listen yourself! I am going to end my own list of favorites with the electronic, minimal and very soulful groover Wankelmut - One Day“. And now you can download Shai'li's latest discoveries – and share your very own favorites in the comment section with us ;-) AND! This is only the January selection – I will hopefully get Shai'li's musical favorites from the month of December 2011 during the next few days – and share it here as well. Enjoy! DubMe


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