Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Beatz & Carrots #3 (December 2011)

01 - the last minister - tribute to jb family
02 - odyssey - going back to my roots
03 - xl - take 5 (kool summer mix)
04 - krystian shek - got soul (poldoore remix)
05 - lord echo - things i like to do
06 - mr president - left and right
07 - marcia griffiths - feel like jumping (daytoner edit)
08 - mishkin - free
09 - the legendary 1979 orchestra - sunny
10 - jimmy hughes - i'm a man of action
11 - k - back to basics feat elaine dowling (original mix)
12 - little roy - come as you are
13 - circle research - stop look listen to your heart
14 - dj dus - cuando lo negro sea bello
15 - la playa sextet - pachanga con la playa (hobo d reedit)
16 - johnny clarke - johnny judgment (kid gusto edit)
17 - the bombay royale - sote sote
18 - volfoniq - balkan banghra
19 - merlin shepherd - pass the kasha (streamerpilot unkosher mix)

Hi everyone! Its been a long time I haven't updated my blog. To be exact: 2 months. Sorry about that. The last three weeks of December I was busy writing finals at University, which didn't leave me with enough time to take care of the blog or even compile some fresh compilations. On December 29th I then flew from Chengdu/China to Chiang Mai/Thailand - seeing my dentist there - and then having a 6 week long holiday – traveling Thailand and Malaysia, visiting friends, eating good food, lots of blue sky, sunshine and new inspirations! While trying to escape the afternoon heat on a little tropical island in the deep south of Thailand for a few hours, I tried to update my blog – but my blog was all in Thai, making it impossible to leave a little message ;-) But now I am back again. Gotta start writing my thesis these days – and then in June this year I hopefully should have earned myself a little degree – not that I am really planing to use it - but at least my parents & grandparents should be happy. I rather hope to be a natural gardener some day, working with my hands while listening to music...

Talking about music – here is my fresh selection of December favorites. As always – eclecticism is the name of the game. Starting with the very funky and groovy „Tribute to JB Family“ by The Last Minister, which was released on the Italian label Irma Records back in 1992 - which makes me wonder how I could have missed this song for so long! Well prepare yourself for 6:19 minute long tour de funk with a bit of a dirty house touch. The next song - keeps the groove - but gets a little more soulful with a nice version of „Going back to my Roots“ by Odyssey. Two other versions of this song I like are Richie Havens cover - and the original by Lamont Dozier. The 3rd song almost gets a little cheesy, having a strong 80ies Jazz feeling – but somehow I dig it! And with a song versioning Dave Brubeck's „Take 5“ one usually can't go too wrong. Track #7 is a very nice edit by Mr Daytoner from Cornwall, England of Marcia Griffiths „Feel Like Jumping“ - if you ask me – pure dancefloor gold! This is what Mr Daytoner had to say about this edit: „...We'll take you back to the very beginning' - this is the first edit I ever made for DJ sets (a few years ago now) - a basic edit of Marcia Griffiths classic from 1968 with just a break & a couple of samples extended over the fade to ensure regular use in sets (also used it for the opening track on the Daytoner Radio Debut mix)“. Track #9 is a great deep discoish cover of „Sunny“ by the mysterious DJ and producer „The Legendary 1979 Orchestra“ from Romania. The song „Sunny“, originally sung and written by Bobby Hebb in 1963 (and its countless versions) has always been a favorite of mine. That song even got me a date! Some 10 years ago, while I was working in a second-hand book and record shop in Germany, I remember one day a nice lady was entering the shop, catching my attention. And the minute I played that song she gave me a sweet smile. La Playa Sextet - Pachanga Con La Playa (Hobo D Reedit) - track #15 is a bouncing cumbiaish reedit by Hobo D. Really nice. But unfortunately he hasn't been updating his soundcloud page for ages. Hopefully he reads my blog and shares some more edits soon :) I'm ending this compilation with some Indian and Balkan sounds: Track # 17, which is „Sote Sote“ by The Bombay Royale – a fast drivin' funky rocky something song with some crazy crazy crazy Moog like only dem Indians can play it ;-) Track #18 is called „Balkan Banghra“ by Volfoniq - and it definitely got fire! Nice song mixing Balkan elements with Indian Banghra and some dirty electronics! Check out Volfoniq and the rest of the album „Ernest“– which they kindly share for free on their website

Enjoy! DubMe

P.S.: While I have been away travelling it seems that not only in China they have been busy blocking websites – but also in „The West“. Some blogs I have been following for ages have been taken down – among them the wonderful „Holywarbles“ music blog which has drawn my attention to a many wonderful albums! Well I hope „Holywarbles“ comes back – stronger than before - „Freedom of discovery on the web!“ And I am not sure if my links are still working. At least I can't open Multiupload in China anymore. Please let me know if you can still access my DL links. If not, I will be happy to replace them with working ones...


  1. this is is a very good blog,your parents and grand-parents should also be proud of you for this....wink wink...welcome home 78

    1. Nice comment, thanks ;-) I am sure my parents like my blog... at least they always ask for new mixtapes once in a while... Looking forward to hear your latest ~ a month in tunes ~ selections!

  2. Very much looking forward to reading through and listening to the treasures that i'm sure are in here. If only it was up and running when we were playing many a late-night in the Reggae Bar, Chengdu! Alas, much preferred sharing a white russian and discussing/listening to the new treats face-to-face. Welcome back!

  3. Hi, thanks for the kind words, it's a pleasure for me to discover your blog.
    Feel free to drop me some word via the contact form on my website, i'd be happy to share with you !

    Best regards


  4. Hi Volfoniq,

    thanks for your comment - and I am glad you like the blog. Just tried to contact you via the contact form of your website - somehow it seems to be down. Yeah, and I have to say it again - finding your song "Balkan Banghra" was a real surprise. Really good powerful song! Can't remember - I think I came across it via a mix by Solo Moderna ( ) - but can't say it for sure. Listening to too much music. Hah! I am just saw on your soundcloud page that you are from Montpellier France. I am currently living and studying in China... but very much possible moving to Montpellier this September, as my girlfriend is planning to study there. And really looking forward to that... I like China, but 5 years in China has been a long time - and there is no no no music, no grooves, no dancing in China... Can get very lonely that way. So... maybe I will see you in Montpellier someday... and I am also looking forward more fresh music of you on your soundcloud page...

    Take care & best wishes from China; Fiete