Monday, January 20, 2014

Beatz & Carrots #14 (January 2014)

01 - james brown - hot pants (dj moar re-edit)
02 - juan laya and jorge montiel - cumbanchero (vocal version)
03 - sergio mendes - mas que nada (tobyone remix)
04 - boogaloo assassins - no no no
05 - bas lexter ensample - lonley feeling
06 - herbie hancok - bring down the birds (raymon lazer reedit)
07 - jj cale - travelin light (jack frost's after midnight remix)
08 - marvin gaye - sunny (mercury edit ii)
09 - greg henderson - dreamin'
10 - the dells - all about the paper (adn edit)
11 - sir own - hooked (kons nite time remix)
12 - smokey robinson - virgin man (jack frost edit)
13 - johnny guitar watson - ain't movin'
14 - superpendejos - sp airlines (fasten your seatbelts)
15 - aswad - red up (kill emil re-edit)

After a long abstinence of posting I am finally back with a nice little compilation of Beatz & Carrots favourites. I haven't updated this blog for more than six months - and those of you who wondered if this blog had come to an untimely end, or if inspiration or motivation had run out, can rest assured that this is certainly not the case. I was simply going through some changes in my own life, traveled a bit, moved back to China - and was somehow lacking the motivation to sit down and spend time sharing my passion for all things musical. Nevertheless I listened to a lot of music in the meantime, discovered tons of new & exciting music - and even spent a little fortune on buying records (diggin' & reissues) while being back to Germany in the summer for three months - having access to my record collection and a record player. So much better than always playing mp3's on my bloody notebook. But if it wouldn't have been for my notebook, mp3's, soulseek, soundcloud and all those great music blogs out there - I would have long died a slow musical death in China during the last 5-10 years.

1 - 2 - 3 - I am starting this compilation with DJ's Moar's super tight edit of James Brown's ''Hot Pants''. Check out DJ Moar on soundcloud for more Soul, Funk & Hip Hop. I like his style. Nothing over-produced. Just straight funkyness & grooves tailored for the dancefloor. Track #03 is another goldie I found on soundcloud. Tobyone's remix of the Sergio Mendes classic ''Mas Que Nada''. According to his profile on soundcloud and an unknown quotation Tobyone is a DJ, mashup artist & surfer based in Portugal and "really good at making mixtapes for my 4 year old, as a warm-up DJ for THE PRODIGY and pretty much everything else in the middle." Sounds good. Track #04 continues with more Latin heat: The Boogaloo Assassins with No No No. I watched some of their videos online - and their raw & high energy live action grabs the audience right from the start with an infectious mix of Salsa and everything funky. The song I am featuring on this compilation is a cover of Dawn Penn's Rocksteady single You Don't Love Me, produced by Coxsone Dodd in 1967 at Studio One. A song which some of you might remember as her Dancehall remake - which was a huge club song in the early 90ies. The Boogaloo Assassins are going boogaloo on this classic, the arrangement is of the hook - and man! they do swing... I first heard Gilles Pettersen play this one in one of his sets at the World Wide Festival in Sete (France) last year. Right on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea, blue sky, sunshine... On track #06 we have Raymon Lazer's wonderfully swingin' re-edit of Herbie Hancock's 1966 song Bring Down The Birds. So that's where Dee-Lite found the groove for Groove Is In The Heart? Track #07 is Jack Frost's very own respectful tribute to JJ Cale's Travelin Light. In Jack Frost's own words: ''A modest remix dedicated to a modest artist with extraordinary talent. Something to mix into a set as a tribute to the late JJ Cale...'' JJ Cale - a great artist which I have neglected for far too long. Going to give all his albums a good listen. Check out To Tulsa and Back - On Tour with J.J. Cale - a nice documentary about JJ Cale (Trailer here!). RIP. On track# 12 we've got Smokey Robinson's Virgin Man getting some edit love. Another nice & respectful Jack Frost edit on this compilation. Love that song. ''Virgin Man'' appears on Smokey Robinson's second post-Miracles '74 album Pure Smokey - and it is nothing less. The song opens the door to a side of Smokey that you did not get to see all that often. If the title did not give it away:

"How come people say a lady virgin that's OK
But when the conversation turns around
Virgin Man they always put him down
People say he must be funny
He ain't had a taste of honey"

Check the rest of the lyrics here - or just listen to the song. A Beatz and Carrots tribute to all the shy men out there! Beside being a great artist it also deserves to be mentioned that Smokey Robinson, although Berry Gordy founded Motown Records, was the man who had a great deal in first pushing America's most iconic soul music label toward greatness. As an artist and as the leader of The Miracles, he was responsible for a many hits for Motown Records - but Robinson was also an invaluable behind-the-scenes talent who wrote songs, produced records, scouted and groomed talent, and served as a vice-president at Motown from 1961 to 1988. On track #13 we have another American icon: Johnny 'Guitar' Watson. Ain't Movin' from Johnny "Guitar" Watson and The Family Clone, released in 1981. Big Johnny 'Guitar' Watson favourite of mine. First heard a DJ in France open his set with this song - and I was immediately blown away. Sweet little gem which really carries a groove. The brief thump and pluck of the bass making it funky. Nice little uptempo blues guitar in there, too. Really can't understand why this song's so unknown. It's genius. Have a look at this nice blogpost - paying tribute to more than 40 years of music by the ''Gangster Of Love'', ''Superman Lover'' and ''One Baaaaad Mama Jama''. And check out this string of JGW favourites of mine - sexy, sweaty jams: A Real Mother For Ya Superman Lover or Booty Ooty - tasty grooves, filthy horn sections, sweet basslines & pimped out, wicked electric playing... Johnny 'Guitar' Watson in top form... Or check out some of his old R&B (Yeah! Back then still meaning Rhythm & Blues. You could hear and feel it...!) & Rockin' Boogie Shakers: Telephone Boogie or I Say I love yo. AND - unless you're a fan of both funk and the Steve Miller Band, you've likely never heard the inspiration for Steve Miller's The Joker. Today, you can fix that personal failing by enjoying this fabulous performance of the real Gangster of Love live on a German TV show in Bremen/Germany in 1977 (via Not-Pop-Jukebox). Watson died of cardiac infarction on May 17, 1996, while on tour in Yokohama, Japan. According to eyewitness reports, he collapsed mid guitar solo. His last words were "Ain't That A Bitch", probably in reference to the song Ain't That A Bitch... RIP! I am ending this little selection of favourites with track #15 - Kill Emil's re-edit of the Aswad classic Red Up. Taken from Aswad's 1976 debut album on Mango Records. Classic and very special album for me since I first bought it some 23 years ago. Reggae, World Music, Jazz & Soul. Nicely displaying the group's jazz-tinged, roots reggae sound. Give the whole album a listen. It features such vocal highlights as Can't Stand The Pressure and Ire Woman. Also check out Aswad's ''shaka'' tune Warrior Charge

Enjoy! DubMe


  1. Yeeeaaahh....great to have you back!
    Couldn't wait to listen when I saw your post on the way to work.

    Big names this time and fantastic warm-funky-tropical stuff as usual. My favorite this time is Dreamin'. I think I heard it on one of the very nice trustmybeats mixtapes for the first time. Masterpiece!
    I also love the Sergio Mendes Remix, All About The Paper, and SP Airlines. And Ain't Movin' is very special, too. Aww, just everything is soo fine. (Except Sunny. Can't stand that song :)

    Hope you're having a great time in China though it's not your best place to listen to music to. I'm happy to have you back virtually.
    Thank you so much for this awesome tape. You made my day!!!

    1. Great comment & thanks for the feedback. Yeah! Disco doesn't get much better than "Dreamin'" & "All About The Paper". Both are huge favourites of mine - and that's the way I like my Disco cooked! Hopefully I will manage to make a "Disco" compilation some day soon... ("The word "Disco" is still such a misunderstood & misused term. At my local secondhand record shop somewhere in the north of Germany everything which is not rare Soul & Funk - or Rock - is judged away as being "Disco"... Not good... and definitely of no artistic quality).

      How come "Sunny" is not to your liking? I can imagine this song being a bit overplayed...

      Take care...!

  2. Great to see your back again!! Only just discovered your blog by chance a few weeks ago when I was searching for Risco Connections Aint no stoppin us now, and have been hooked on your comps since!

    Looking forward to hearing this!

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment. "Risco Connections - Ain't no Stoppin' us now" is a great song. Basically I dig most covers of it... Gonna post some more versions soon... There are some great Reggae covers of this song as well...


  3. Great to see you back - Happy New Year! Thanks for the new posts, looks like some excellent selections as usual here!

  4. welcome back brother - we've missed the selections! many thanks as always.

  5. wunderbar! see you back in good spirits with another selection of xlnt tunes, spiced with your passionate notes. ty fiete, we missed you!

  6. wunderbar! see you back in good spirits with another selection of xlnt tunes, spiced with your passionate notes. ty fiete, we missed you!

  7. its down! thanks for the great music

  8. Replies
    1. Sorry, I've been on a long holiday. Just saw your message. Seems like the DL is working again. Please let me know if you have any problems downloading it - and I will hook you up with a new DL... Cheers!

  9. "The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly."

    Any chance of a re-up?