Monday, February 18, 2013

More Jamaican Disco, Boogie & Soul: The Reggae Disco Connection Part 2 (2013)

01 - bunny wailer - back to school (vocal)
02 - sheila hylton - disco reggae beat
03 - brentford disco band - jamrec jam
04 - ernest ranglin - soft touch
05 - althea forest & togetherness - hey mister (re-edit)
06 - derrick harriott - checking out (vocal)
07 - willie lindo - samba pa ti
08 - the chariot riders - do it nice & easy
09 - dillinger - lsd
10 - derrick harriott - fly robin, fly
11 - junior tucker - which side of the coin (spinning round) (top ranking)
12 - risco connection - it's my house version (1980)
13 - joe gibbs & the professionals - ten commandments
14 - disco dub band - for the love of money
15 - derrick harriott - float on
16 - the in crowd - baby my love
17 - heptones - giving up on love
18 - willie lindo - midnight

After I shared The Reggae Disco Connection in 2012 - here is a second compilation/mix of Jamaican Disco & Boogie songs - plus a few soulful ones thrown in for good measure. ''Ting a Ling a Ling ! School bell ring and it’s back to school again!'' - I am starting the mix with Bunny Wailer's Back To School. An unseen blend of Bunny’s rugged rap over a fresh combination of Disco and Dub, and of course tightly produced with the unique Jamaican touch. Originally released on Solomonic Records in 1982. Among 18 different songs you will further get the pleasure to listen to Al Kent's re-edit of Althea Forest & Togetherness' Hey Mister (track #5) - a tight Jamaican Disco song with some wicked synth sounds! Released on Crystal Records in 1976 and produced by the "more than soulful" Reggae producer and crooner Derrick Harriott, who was not only responsible for a string of Rocksteady hits in the late 60ies, but also for some grooving soulful and discofied Reggae songs in the 70ies & early 80ies. Althea Forest, the female singer on ''Hey Mister'' is probably better known as part of the photogenic duo Althea & Donna and their Reggae hit Uptown Top Ranking (produced by Joe Gibbs). On track #8 we have yet another Derrick Harriot production - the Chariot Riders' Do It Nice & Easy from '76. Derrick Harriott's funky reggae cover of Eddie Drennon's Do It Nice And Easy has some seriously funky bass, militant drumming, bubbling guitar and cheesy disco organ; all topped off with vocals by Derrick and his niece Kim Harriott (via Roots From The Yard). A real treat! Be sure to play it out LOUD. On track #11 we have a very youthful Junior Tucker singing ''Which Side Of The Coin (Spinning Round)''. An upbeat piece of Jamaican Disco Soul sung by the then 14 year old Junior Tucker - who back then was also known as the Jamaican Michael Jackson. Released as a 7inch on Top Ranking records in 1980. I am ending this mix/compilation with Midnight by Willie Lindo. Recorded in Jamaica in '78, "Midnight" is a subtle cover of Midnight and You by Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra. Lindo's version is better than Barry's, but decide for yourself...

If you want to explore more discofied Reggae songs, Jamaican Boogie & Soul give a listen to Waxist Selecta's Red Stripe Disco Series which Waxist - a ''black music'' lover/vinyl collector from France already started back in 2009/10. There are 8 volumes/mixes online so far in which he sheds a light on ''rare tracks out of Jamaica or from the Jamaican diaspora (UK, US, Canada) with a focus on disco, modern soul & funky styles in a reggae mood. Most songs either being recorded on the island & issued on Jamaican labels or featuring JA musicians.'' Waxist Selector believes that there is much more to dig, saying Reggae Disco tracks are being pretty un-explored territory. ''I keep believing a lot of things remain pretty much unknown & to be discovered as most of the reggae headz didn't pay attention to those tracks at the time. The reason imo is that these tracks were too far from the regular "reggae" sound played in the 70's, also maybe seen as way too much into US music vein... A few JA producers have a real soul/funk/disco influence & touch... Sometimes versions (or b-sides) need to be checked as some nice stuffs could pop up... And Lovers style got also a few treasures imo, yet more modern soul oriented for most of them.'' (Via a Discogs discussion on Underground Reggae Disco Tracks.)

Now ''let the music take you higher''...



  1. ...more Jamaican Disco, Boogie & Soul for you!

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  6. Thanks so much for these Reggae Disco compilations. Very much appreciated. Saludos.

    1. Thanks for your comment... More Reggae Disco coming soon... If you have/know any nice Reggae Disco/Soul/Boogie songs - feel free to share them:


  7. any place where I can download vol 1 and 2? was only able to dl vol 3

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