Thursday, January 24, 2013

A note to my readers & musical friends...

Spring is around the corner - and it is about time I bring this blog back to life, plant new musical flowers and let the birds fly free to sing their sweet songs again... Like two months ago most d******d links on my blog died, got deleted. After trying to re-up them - just to see them get deleted again, I gave up - and left the blog like it was. Since then I have been busy moving from Chengdu/China to Montpellier in south France.

Sorry for leaving all the various comments & request to revive dead links unanswered. In the next few weeks I will be re-upping all the musical content of this blog again. And if time permits I will hopefully also share some fresh selections of some favourite music: more balearic cosmic leftfield pop gems, some 80ies rub-a-dub and dancehall sounds, dub, cumbia, tropikal disco and more...

On another note... As download links seem to get deleted, I have been thinking of going private (an idea which I don't really like too much - as it goes against the idea of blogging & sharing.) Or ask you to ''follow'' this blog, send me your email - so I can share links via mail. What about encrypting files with a password - which may help them to stay online longer? Please share your thoughts and ideas here with me and everyone... As I do not have the financial options to pay for a file host - I have to relay on free options. If you know of any good ones - please let me know. For the moment I consider using depositfiles and zippyshare...

Thanks - and - I will be back with more new compilations soon - as well as trying to re-up a few of the older selections every day.



  1. Too bad mang this is happening everywhere and to literally every blogger on the web. Some I've seen have been struck for upping their own... music! Craptacular, innit?

    New, safer drop-zones? Hmm, weird this may sound,, but the ex-Megaupload is now giving theirs a new life respawning as only 'Mega'. Check it: Note: each file being uploaded is getting its own encryption code, I guess hence their motto "The Privacy Company". These guys have been bitten so far up the arse they know now how to save their collective asses. Try it, bro.


    1. Hi,

      thanks for your comment... Yeah, I have been thinking of trying 'Mega'. But for the last two days I haven't been able to open it/log in to it (and I am not even in China anymore - where webpages get blocked on a regular basis)... But will keep trying :)

      Yeah... There is still so much good music out there which needs to be discovered, re-discovered - to let music blogging be a thing of the past...

      Cheers; DubMe

  2. i think my friend you have to go private as grand malfa and you can keep on blog.mega is new hoster we dont know yet whats going might have problems in time.private is the only solution so you can share without fear of deleting.

  3. Narod & We Transfer

  4. good to have you do you find Monpellier?? i'm from Toulouse and use to go to Monpelleir a long are you there for??

  5. whatever you do keep me in the loop brotha!

  6. Keep me in the loop too, just discovered this fantastic blog! Awesome music :-)