Saturday, November 3, 2012

Beatz & Carrots Anniversary Special #4

01 - palov ft lady faye - the dude
02 - street boys - some folks.
03 - the bas lexter ensample - celias baile
04 - mato - mary jane
06 - mario biondi - my girl
06 - nicki minaj - did it on em (soulforce rmx)
07 - pliers (bonner productions) - im your man dub
08 - the instigators - instigators five o
09 - joao gilberto - discussao
10 - galt macdermot - farmland
11 - jazzy jens - guarapera
12 - os chicos altos - palante (original mix)
13 - elvis crespo - suavemente (busy signal remix)
14 - uproot andy - odb vs uproot andy - brooklyn cumbia
15 - dialect trio - cumbiarus dialect trio version
16 - ocote soul sounds and adrian quesada - el diablo y el nau nau (grant phabao remix)
17 - group inerane - tamidit in aicha (ahmed)
18 - bjork - crystalline (omar souleyman remix)
19 - jamie xx - far nearer
20 - unknown - pussy outro

Here is part 4, the final Beatz & Carrots 1 Year Anniversary Special. I did this compilation in July 2011, a few months before I started this blog... Now that I shared all my pre-blog Beatz & Carrots selections - everything you will find here in the future will be selected live & fresh ;-)

I will be back in a few days with a first selection of some Balearic favourites of mine - a musical idea & feeling that has been growing strong on me during the last year. I have known of the term ''Balearic'' for a long time - but only began to have an understanding of it after reading Last Night A DJ Saved My Life - The History Of The Disc Jockey by Bill Brewster & Frank Broughton last summer... I will try to link to some great articles in my next post talking about Balearic music - until then I will leave you with this quote by Balearic legend Alfredo: “My definition of Balearic; its a music mostly, eclectic, happy, sexy, not cheesy, that gets its roots in the origins of dance music and flourishes on the dancefloor, as a sound that makes you forget genres, or categories and you just enjoy it, listen to it, dancing and sharing it. Beat poetic, but real!“



  1. all this leaves me speechless, so much well chosen music with many tracks unknown. beat poetry indeed, thank you fiete, sehr sehr fein :)

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  3. Please change link, is broken...

    1. Sorry for my late reply. Here finally is a FRESH link. Enjoy!

  4. Please change link, is broken...

  5. Someone asked for a new DL. Here you go!