Tuesday, September 25, 2012

DJ Farrapo & Yanez - Alien Na Favela (Agogo Records - 2012)

A few days ago I received a promo copy of DJ Farrapo & Yanez's new album Alien Na Favela which is going to be released on Agogo Records in just a few days. I thought I return the favour and try to write a little review for their new album - which actually is also their debut album. In 2005, after beeing good friends for many years and various musical collaborations, Yanez Servadei and DJ Farrapo decided to mix their experiences, which are strongly rooted in the various forms of brazilian music and bring up a fresh mix of electro-brazilian sounds. Several years and releases later the duo is finally releasing their first long player. It's a CD double album. While CD 1 is containing various original songs (many of which have so far only been available on 7inch vinyl) - CD 2 contains a string of remixes by all your favourite remixers in a truly eclectic fashion! Some of my personal favourites include Shantisan's great extended remix of Mojito Com Cachaca (can't get enough of that sweet sounding Clarinet!), Frohlocker's truly brilliant remix of Preciso Mudar (ft. Eloisa Atti & MC Magu). Very dubby, sweet vocals and a rolling bass. Pure niceness! Another favourite is Drumagick's Live Band Remix of the title song Alien Na Favela. Love the raw live energy of the remix - and that crazy wobbling bass. Pure fire for the dancefloor. A song to forget one's everyday worries. Just dancing & feeling the music. Suonho, who must have been busy lately, releasing a handful of 12inches, songs & remixes this year - also provided a great remix of Alien Na Favela in a Broken Cuica Style. The bass is nice, heavy & jazzy on this one. This song definitely is going to roll heavy on global dancefloors this winter. But let me get back to CD 1 now - which provides all the great original songs. Baiano Vem Baiano Vai - if you missed the original 7inch on Afro Art Records back in 2006 - here is your chance to get & play it. My first DJ Farrapo & Yanez song - and still a huge favourite. Hot hot hot Drum & Bossa! Frango Assado - a super catchy uptempo song. Positive vibes all along. And that chicken is just awesome! Must be one of the best intros out there! Whenever I play this one - there is no holding for the dancefloor... happy people & crazy moves! Be sure to check their video (and the chicken!). Carimbo Do Farrapo - probably my new hit song from this album. Previously unreleased. But heard it in quite a few sets this year - so I am really happy to see it included on this album. What a brilliant stompin' groove! Pure tropical sunshine... I am going to end this review with Mojito Com Cachaca. As I said above - I can't get enough of that Clarinet - which definitely adds a sweet & distant swing feeling to this song. Swingin' Brazilian Drum & Bossa with a Clarinet :) This is what DJ Farrapo himself writes about the song:

"In a tall glass place the mint leaves, squeeze over a little bit of “son”, and add two teaspoons of "chorinho". Mix everything, then add cachaça at will. Place the straw and prepare to enjoy this explosive mix by Dj Farrapo & Yanez; after a Mojito com Cachaça even Hemingway would run on the dancefloor."

Only thing I can add - don't forget to be playing this album while enjoying your "Mojito com Cachaca".

Listen to the rest of the album & find your own favourites here (original songs) and here (remixes).

"Alien Na Favela"
Agogo Records - 2012

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