Monday, July 23, 2012

Brazil, Samba, Rock! (2012)

01 - intro - sivuca speaks
02 - os originais do samba - favela
03 - jorge ben - o telefone tocou novamente
04 - os mutantes - she's my shoo shoo (minha menina)
05 - eliseth cardoso - eu bebo sim
06 - ed lincoln - eu nao vou mais
07 - dedy dread - o bananeiro
08 - caetano veloso e gal costa - que pena (1969)
09 - sono rhizmo - o-telefono
10 - alessao vilhoso - sol de verao (7 samurai remix)
11 - elza soares - amor perfeito
12 - jorge ben - take it easy my brother charles
13 - maria bethania - mano caetano
14 - shantisan aquela - minha menina
15 - roberto carlos - mi cacharrito
16 - abilio manoel - luiza manequim
17 - jorge ben e trio mocoto - cosa nostra
18 - jorge ben - sou da pesada (7 samurai remix)
19 - gilberto gil - batmacumba
20 - gal costa - tuareg
21 - palov & panama cardoon - favelas
22 - os originais do samba - tenha fe pois amanha um lindo dia vai nascer
23 - d.angelo - muito incrementado
24 - trio tropical show - risada (meloda crise)
25 - os mutantes - baby

This compilation goes out straight to DJ Farrapo from Bologna/Italy! In 2008 I listened to a live mix of his from the Soul Sugar Party in Vienna - playing a Samba Rock set like no one else. Amazing tempo, amazing selection, amazing songs! You can still download the mix on his myspace site. DJ Farrapo is a musicologist, dj producer, samba lover and amateur cook. His ingredients: flavours from all over the world. His brand: a hot mix of pulsing club music. Knowing all this - track #1, the intro to this compilation makes even more sense: "In Brazil we use to call the Rhythm Section the kitchen, because they are the one's who cook. And - we have a beautiful kitchen here." And our main chef is Mister Farrapo, always cooking & brewing some tasty magic. Check out some of his older releases on Discogs or listen to the latest DJ Farrapo & Yanez release here. This is what Agogo Records has to say about their new Remix EP: "The musical spaceship of Dj Farrapo & Yanez is ready to land in the favela, bringing to you a genuine and fresh organic mix of electro-brazilian music. In their first LP, fifteen hot tracks, including their most popular songs, showing that not always aliens come to destroy the world: sometimes they come to dance! This 12" contains six brandnew remixes from this forthcoming double CD album ALIEN NA FAVELA. please enjoy !" And I am pretty sure I'm not the only one looking forward to the first Dj Farrapo & Yanez longplayer!

On this compilation I share some of my Samba Rock favourites from all over the years. Samba Rock is a style of music that was born in Brazil in the 1960's. It combines the sounds of samba, soul, bebop and jazz. In Brazil Samba Rock is a genre of samba and sub genre of rock and most importantly: it amazing music to dance to - whether you are in Brazil, Germany or China! Some of the pioneers of this great style of music are Jorge Ben Jor, Bebeto, Banda Black Rio, Tim Maia and Trio Mocoto. But Samba Rock is still going strong today, with new artists like Seu Jorge, Clube do Balanco, Sambasonics among others. Enjoy this compilation - and keep some cool drinks within reach, 'coz the summer heat is on...



  1. you're on fire these days, dubme! and me likes!

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