Saturday, June 30, 2012

Beatz & Carrots #8 (May 2012)

01 - howie b, sly & robbie - ballistic squeeze (edit)
02 - doug hream blunt - gentle persuasion
03 - lee perry - jungle lion (instrumental)
04 - ranil y su conjunto tropical - chinito rulo (dengue dengue dengue! cumbiaton refix)
05 - sierra leone's refugee all stars - mother in law
06 - cal tjader - mamblues
07 - liam bailey - when will they learn
08 - and aretha - say.a.little
09 - mi##ael jackson - rock w#th you (reeno 12 mix)
10 - the reflex - b.b. king - the thrill is gone (the reflex stems re-vision)
11 - the soul session - hamjam (tofu mix)
12 - stan getz - girl from ipanema (n.a.s.a. remix)
13 - leon - da gypsy groovy (exteneded mix)
14 - pbr streetgang - j2thab (original mix)
15 - donnie & joe emerson - baby
16 - outro - mikey dread in action

Hi everyone! I am back with another Beatz & Carrots compilation. But first I want to thank everyone who left a comment. It's good to get a little feedback, know that there are other people out there who enjoy some of the same music – especially if one lives in China, which musically is still a bit of a wasteland. Compared to other countries and places I have stayed at – musically there isn't happening much in China (well – it's been getting better. But there are still too many other things that held much greater importance for most Chinese I know). I am currently living in Chengdu, which is the 10 million people capital of the Sichuan province, south-west of Tibet. 10 Million people – and there are hardly any places where one can listen to good music or do some crazy dancing. Still – if you should ever come to China – go to one of those super-big-luxury-other-world night clubs full of sexy women, fake (and super expensive) whisky mixed with red tea, gangsters, businessmen, prostitutes, rich kids (or second-generation-rich, as they are usually called here) and more and more white-collar workers who are trying different ways and places to spend their hard earned money. It definitely is worth an experience! When I first came to China in 2003 I had my share of crazy nights in some chinese night clubs. But if you go out to listen and dance to good music played by a good DJ, then even 9 years later you will most likely be disappointed. Most clubs play the same „Happy House“ sets every night of the week... many places even every night of the year. You can basically set your clock to the songs the DJ is playing. I was once asked to dj in a Chinese club – not because of the music I play – but just because I was a foreigner; tall, blond hair, blue eyes – and that still "sells" in China. But then again - I was not even allowed to play my own music. I had to play their CD's according to their fixed playlist. I guess I was still „lucky“ - I knew some people who had to play a Mix CD for 2 hours and pretend they were mixing, while making „cool moves“ a DJ is supposed to make. Well – I could tell you more stories – but we are here for the music. Beatz & Carrots #8: find some of my favourite songs from the month of May here. Fresh discoveries & exciting re-discoveries. Compared to the other Beatz & Carrots compilations so far, this one seems to be more on the mellow & soulful side. Nevertheless, you will still find some songs in here to get yourself groovin' or movin'... Track #2 is Doug Hream Blunt's Gentle Persuasion which I first came across via the James Pants - Disco Mix, which is full of rare and obscure disco gems. „Gentle Persuasion“ is an incredible song, which blends some hazy lo-fi jazzy aesthetics with early eighties boogie funk/RnB grooves and has Blunt singing macked out sexual innuendos while noodling away on his guitar: “like ice your butt is the dice . . . now dance”. Go here for more info. Track #6 – „Mamblues“ is a fiery 1958 Latin Jazz groover from vibraphonist Cal Tjader, backed with the funked-up 1972 remake for the adult cartoon 'Fritz The Cat' featuring Bernard Purdie on drums. Heavy heavy heavy! Track #7 - „Liam Bailey - When Will They Learn“ - thanks to fellow blogger Duendiness for sharing & introducing me to this soulful beauty, backed by some heavyweight dubby bass sounds! If you liked „Griz - You Got To Change“ from Beatz & Carrots #7 – track #8 - C.Love & Zombies – Say.A.Little might be something for you again. A deep & soulful re-write and re-work of Aretha Franklin's „I Say a Little Prayer“ by the mysterious C.Love. Just the right combination of soul & electronics! Track #9 - Mi##ael Jackson - Rock W#th You (A Very Special Reeno 12" Mix) is an extented 12inch remix of this 1979 classic. Amazing track to chill to. Track #12 is a N.A.S.A. remix of the classic „Girl From Ipanema“ by Astrud Gilberto and Stan Getz. Originally to be found on the „Getz/Gilberto“ album, which together with Stan Getz's „Jazz Samba“ album is a record I never get tired listening to. Track #14 - J2thab (OriginalMix) is a heavy going funk meets electronics James Brown tribute by Pbr Streetgang. My kind of dancefloor! I am fading out this selection of Beatz & Carrots favourites with track #15 – the haunting, slow groove „Baby“ by Donnie & Joe Emerson, which is beautiful blue-eyed soul at it's finest. Someone on Soulstrut described this song, “as if Shuggie Otis and Roy Orbison had a baby together” - Well, I can't describe it any better than that! And we are lucky! It just got re-released on Light In The Attic Records. Also check out Ariel Pink's cover here.

Enjoy; DubMe

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beatz & Carrots #7 (April 2012)

01 - combo de la musica - angola
02 - musi kal - el yaibi
03 - jurassic 5 - canto de ossanha
04 - ariel pink's haunted graffiti - fright night (nevermore) (dam funk remix)
05 - testpattern - techno age
06 - pino daniele - yes i know my way (special 12inch version)
07 - lloyd parks - mafia (parks 45)
08 - barbara lynn - i'm a good woman (maxey & fred spider mix final)
09 - los graduados - ese muerto no lo cargo yo (dj still life edit)
10 - solo moderna - dance cleopatra (solo moderna balkumbia remix)
11 - monetrik - mambo grodo
12 - griz - you got to change
13 - pastor t.l. barrett and the youth for christ choir - like a ship... (without a sail)
14 - jungle by night - ethiopino
15 - ras michael & the suns of negus - wicked men
16 - thomas mapfumo - hokoyo
17 - shimi sonic - beat of a preacher man
18 - ernest ranglin - in the rain

Resurrection! It's been a long time since my last post. Might have been the longest in between posts ever. Hopefully I will be able to post more regularly now. During the last 2-3 months writing my thesis occupied most of my time (just graduated this Friday), but nevertheless I was still able to sneak in a few minutes of music every day. No shower without loud music blasting out of my speakers. So there is still quite a bit of music I wanna share with you all. Let's start with the April Beatz & Carrots selection which I was finally able to compile! Song #1 is „Angola“ by the Combo De La Musica. Baaam! That song hit me straight since I first heard it in a mix somewhere. Beautiful song. Don't know how to describe it – but it has all the right ingredients: Jazz, Afro-Latin sounds via Sweden, real instruments (and a lot of them!), a powerful singer, a bit of a Quantic feeling - AND - the music is energetic, it’s funky, it makes you want to sing and dance. They just released a 7inch on Traveller Records and you can listen to it here. Song #2 is El Yaibi by Musi Kal, a sweet little bouncing tune that uses Quantic's great „Mas Pan“ sample as an intro - and from there it goes Cumbiaaa!!! Makes the summer sun shine even nicer! Track #4 - has Dam Funk giving us a little remix treatment of Ariel Pink's „Fright Night (Nevermore)“ - adding more funk and bounce to this ghostly tune. I like the feeling of the song: surreal lo-fi, leftfield, pop, punk, electronic, fast, slow aesthetics. Track # 5, Testpattern's „Techno Age“ from the album Après-Midi (1982) continues with similar aesthetics: „Gorgeous technopop from Japan… half video game soundtrack, half zen meditation“, using a sample from an 80ies Hongkong Kung-Fu movie. Thanks to yerdarlingdaily for sharing this one. „Pino Daniele - Yes I Know My Way (Special 12inch Version)“ - track #6, is another recent favorite of mine. Not much info available on this soulful & funky boogie disco song from Italy. Apparently from 1985. Thanks to DJ Prime for introducing me to this one. Looking forward to his edit as well - give it a listen here. Track #8 gives us a killer edit of Barbara Lynn's classic „I'm A Good Woman“ by Maxey & Fred Spider. Next to the original - this is probably my favorite version of „I'm a good Woman“! More groove, more funk, more boom! Play it out loud! Maxey & Fred Spider are part of Los Chicos Altos, who have released some brilliant electronic World Music on UrbanWorld Records and Spring Strut Records. Track # 9 gives us some uptempo Cumbiaaa! madness. DJ Still Life's edit of „Los Graduados - Ese Muerto No Lo Cargo Yo“. This is what DJ Still Life says about the song on his soundcloud page: „Heavy dancefloor business from Colombia's Los Graduados, w/ lyrics about being wrongly fingered for a murder. I added some extra percussion, beefed up the low-end, and extended the intro and outro for easier addition to DJ sets. You can check out the original (and super silly video) here.“ Crazy crazy fast crazy uptempo cumbia tune. I love it! Check out more great music and freebies on his soundcloud page. Track #10 is Solo Moderna's balkumbia remix of Dance Cleopatra. Originally a Ska song (and what a Ska song!!!) by Prince Buster, Sono Moderna created something totally new and beautiful out of it. Well - anything with Solo Moderna, Balkumbia and Dance Cleopatra in it is a not to be missed winning-combination! This track gets better with every time I listen to it. Hugely addictive. And the Sister Nancy sample really kills it! So good! Definitely a song that is going to be shaking up the dancefloors this summer. Track #11 - Mambo Grodo is one of those simple feel-good-songs. Monetrik giving Xavier Cugat's Mambo classic some good greek loving! Beautiful! Track #12 - Griz's You Got To Change is another winner! A deep burning version of Willie Bobo's Evil Ways. Track #13: „Pastor T.L. Barrett and the Youth For Christ Choir - Like A Ship... (Without A Sail)“ - You may or May not be into it. But it’s been killing me the last couple weeks. What a song! What music! Living in China in 2012 - where perfect materialism covered up with fake Chinese communist attributes (sing me the song of „The Emperor's New Clothes“) is sucking out the last bit of soul and spirituality that Mao left after his mad reign - a bit of spirituality and soul is much needed. And if it is only a strong message shared in a little Gospel song! Beautiful & Uplifting! Track #14 has been a song and album on my want- and wish list for quite some time: Jungle By Night's Ethiopino. Listen to the first 10 seconds - and you know this song is good. 2012 - Afro-Beat, Afro-Funk, Jazz never sounded more fresh, raw & real. Check this review on my ever-favourite or check out their website for more. Track #15: "Ras Michael & The Suns Of Negus - Wicked Men". Rasta got the message. Reggae got the message. "With a bif baf bif bif boof - people shall unite..." If you listen carefully to a lot of Reggae songs, old and new - so many of them share a message which is now more true than ever. And more needed than ever! Play it loud and spread the message! (I am currently working on a compilation of songs - with powerful music and even stronger lyrics: Sharon Jones - What If We All Stopped Paying Taxes, Yami Bolo - Babylon Is Out A Control, Tom Fire - Brainwash, Charles Bradley - The World (Is Going Up In Flames), Manu Chao - Politik Kills. If you know any similar songs I should know and put on that compilation - please post them in the comments! Thanks!!!). Track #16 is Thomas Mapfumo's "Hokoyo" which means "Watch Out!" in Shona, and Mapfumo was eventually arrested and jailed for the overtly political lyrics of the song, which were a warning to the white government of Rhodesia, today known as Zimbabwe. Musically the song is a straight and upbeat R&B shuffle, the only tip-off to its non-American nature coming from the lanky Shona vocals tossed back and forth between Mapfumo and the members of his Band. Track #18 goes out straight to my friend and fellow blogger Duendiness: Ernest Ranglin - In The Rain. I know he will like it ;-) A deep Reggae cover of The Dramatics In The Rain from 1971 with some far-away vocals and Ernest Ranglin on guitar. Chill deluxe! Taken from Ernest Ranglin - From Kingston JA to Miami USA (1983).

That's it! Hit the download button and leave a comment if you enjoy the music... DubMe

And! If you burn this compilation to CD - click "NO PAUSE BETWEEN TRACKS" before you burn it. Best way to keep the groove and flow...